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OWLOptimal Word Learning.

Project Optimal Word Learning (OWL) helps people who want to understand books, articles, and instruction, manuals fast.

Readers usually check words when reading different things. Many people tend to look up the same words in dictionaries many times. Even if they have checked these words they quickly forget what they mean. This kind of gaining new knowledge is time-consuming and ineffective. Thanks to my program they will facilitate their learning process.

The application has been designed to create some word lists. By knowing 70% of words coming from the text you want to read, you will be able to understand over 90% of it. The user of this application gets the word list (70%) to memorize. This approach lets readers minimize the time required to fully (90%) understand each text.

Another advantage is that subsequent readings will be understood faster. The application creates playlists consisting of unknown to the reader words. You may download them as mp3 files and listen to them anytime you want. Once you have learned particular words, you may add them to your personal word list consisting of familiar words. Every next reading passage will not contain the words from your personal word list.

Those who fluently speak English and are eager to expand their knowledge about, for example, programming, will be able to extract some concepts (like encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism). As soon as the concepts are understood by the reader, the text will be comprehended in 100%.